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My Story

Hi everyone,

Thanks for coming to my site and taking the time to learn more about my work! If you're here, there's a good chance we met as I was drawing at a coffee shop and carrying my giant sketch pad and color pencils with me.

I developed a passion for art early in life. When I was quite young, my dad stocked the house with books on Norman Rockwell, and Salvador Dali, mostly in an effort to keep me entertained without spending money on video games. It worked. Simultaneously, I began playing piano and learning to love music, as my dad was always playing Rolling Stones albums on the stereo and Chuck Berry songs on the piano. Creating art and music has defined my life to this point, and both of these forms of expression are intertwined in my work. 

While earning my BBA in Marketing from The University of Texas at Austin (2016), I began focusing more on my career as a musician and as an artist. I graduated and am now a pianist, singer, saxophonist and founder of my own music project, The Selfless Lovers, in addition to still creating art. While I never had formal schooling in either music or art, I was lucky enough to learn both mediums as emotional outlets and as ways to bring genuine joy to others. What I am most excited about is knowing that my creations can inspire others to take notice of their own imagination and innate creativity. 

Thanks for reading,