Nik Parr is a musician and illustrator living and performing in Austin, Texas.

Nik is self taught in both fields. From an early age, he demonstrated a passion for drawing and his love of music quickly followed. As Nik continued creating artwork he also began teaching himself piano, and by age twelve, started performing in public. He now fronts his own rock and roll band based out Austin, The Selfless Lovers, in which he plays piano, saxophone and is the lead singer and songwriter.

As an artist, Nik was prolific from a young age, literally filling up file boxes with the amount of art he created. As he earned his BBA from The University of Texas at Austin, Nik started to hone in on his style of illustration by spending long hours drawing at coffee shops. His art is characterized by surrealist elements and a vibrant, otherworldly color pallet. He strives to create imaginative pieces that are immersive and most importantly, fun.

Today, Nik makes heavy use of Prismacolor pencils and graphite. His pieces often take weeks or even months to finish as many of the scenes he creates stem completely from his own imagination. He draws primarily on oversized, toned archival paper, starting with a “skeleton,” of pencil and slowly erasing all the pencil and replacing with Prismacolors as the pieces near completion.

You can keep up with him on Instagram @nikolausparr or follow his music performance dates @theselflessloversmusic